Automatisierte Eingangsrechnungsverarbeitung für ortsunabhängiges Arbeiten

Digital processing of incoming invoices

Entering incoming invoices by hand not only takes an enormous amount of time, but also means high costs. Optimise your incoming invoices. Create shorter processing times thanks to the electronic invoice workflow and increase the transparency of the process.

And all this in accordance with the requirements of ZUGFeRD and GoBD. Processing incoming invoices becomes very simple.

The challenge:

Checking and approving an invoice can take up to 14 days and is often done by more than 4 different people. In addition, not all documents (e.g. the order or the delivery note) are available for the check. This causes costs of up to 12 EUR per invoice on average.

For the accounting department, it is difficult to understand where the transaction is currently being processed and when it is expected to be completed.

This is where digital invoice processing can help:

Durch intelligentes Dokumentenmanagement mehr Zeit für andere Aufgaben schaffen

Shorter turnaround and layover times.

Durch digitale Eingangsrechnungsbearbeitung die Liquidität immer Blick

Realisation of cash discount effects and fast monthly/annual closings

Durch modernste Technik Dokumente automatisiert auslesen

Greater transparency for all stakeholders

Höchste Sicherheitsstandard um ihre Daten zu schützen

Duplicate check, secure and central storage of all relevant information

Digital incoming invoice processing at a glance

Simply process invoices digitally

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