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Document management for SAP® Business ByDesign®

Quotations, delivery notes, incoming mail, supplier invoices, office documents, accounting records or e-mail communication – the multitude of different documents and information poses a central challenge for companies! How do you manage to keep documents and information centrally, ensure that they are stored in accordance with regulatory requirements and at the same time make them available to employees in a structured manner, regardless of their location? .

With the help of ECM documents for SAP Business ByDesign, the leading enterprise content management system d.velop documents is integrated into SAP Business ByDesign. Simple! Fast! and Secure!

We connect worlds!

Seamlessly connect your ERP system from SAP Business ByDesign with d.velop documents using ECM documents for SAP Business ByDesign. With our modern cloud interface you get access to the world of d.velop documents and all that “Made in Germany”. Through this connection, you can research archived documents at any time, independent of location. Of course, only by authorised users! And then, of course, edit, check and distribute them.

ECM documents for SAP Business ByDesign not only enables you to archive your documents. It opens up the following bookable extensions for modern business operations:

Eingangsrechnungen auf automatisch kontrollieren

Process incoming invoices automatically

Incoming invoice processing with ECM documents for SAP Business ByDesign is able to securely read your master data and conveniently compare it with invoice reading. Through automated invoice verification and our own smart invoice workflows configurations, we enable you to transfer invoices directly to the ERP system after successful verification.

Automatisierte Workflows für effizientes Arbeiten

Sign documents digitally

The digital signature with ECM documents for SAP Business ByDesign enables you to sign documents legally with a certificate-based signature.

Verträge einfach managen mit einem digitalen Dokumentensystem

Digital personnel file

The digital personnel file with ECM documents for SAP Business byDesign enables you to manage all personnel documents. This gives you a quick overview of all important employee data, automates a large part of the personnel processes and ensures more transparency. At the same time, you reduce administrative tasks and save time, space and costs.

Durch modernste Technik Dokumente automatisiert auslesen

Travel expense report

The travel expense report with ECM documents for SAP Business ByDesign enables your employees to digitally submit their travel costs and expenses regardless of their location. Through the workflows adapted to your company, the receipts are forwarded to the right person.

Eingangsrechnungen auf automatisch kontrollieren

Digital contract management

Contract management with ECM documents for SAP Business ByDesign allows you to reliably manage all your contracts. The special feature of the digital contract file is the legally compliant archiving of all contract-relevant information such as notes, email attachments or documents that are precisely relevant to you.

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Applicant management

Applicant management with ECM documents for SAP Business ByDesign enables you to manage all job postings and applications centrally and thus efficiently. All relevant information and tasks always at a glance.