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How to quickly access relevant information? Where are the needed documents, data, files – and tasks? And how can content be joined?

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) connects documents and data with business processes to provide accurate context for corresponding tasks.

Put an end to manual filing, document handling and unstructured file folders! Whereas documents used to arrive at the company by post, were then distributed to different departments and filed in folders, with an enterprise content management system this process is automated and digitised – from scanning to archiving.

All relevant information can be found in the ECM system and can is processed there – regardless of whether it is an invoice, offer, delivery note or an e-mail.

This is how we igitize your document world!

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Single source ECM solutions

ECM Consulting provides you with all software components for a functioning ECM system, tailoredto your requirements. Our ECM experts ensure a fast implementation into your existing solutions environment. Providing appropriate software solutions, we ensure that your document management system works smoothly across all company departments and therefore

For audit-proof, long-term stable storage of business-critical documents, we offer special products that ensure safe storage of your data. Addtionally, we also providehardware for capturing documents.

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Do you already have an integrated digital workplace – or are you still annoyed with paper, emails and distributed file repositories?

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