Digitales Vertragsmanagement in der Cloud oder on Prem

Digital contract management - Contracts at a glance. Contracts under control

In recent years, the number of contracts in German companies has increased by an average of 20%. Many contracts are still not digitised and are still maintained manually. This is associated with the risks of loss, missed notice periods and lack of transparency.

With the introduction of digital contract management, you create more security and transparency in the administration and management of contracts again.

Dokumente den richtigen Mitarbeiter zur Verfügung stellen

Bundling of all activities in the contract process

A central platform for contract management helps you keep track of all contractually agreed details and reduce internal search queries. Whether you work in purchasing, IT or the legal department.

Durch intelligentes Dokumentenmanagement Zusammenarbeit verbessern

Support through all contract phases

Each phase of the contract involves different tasks. Your contract management system can help you create essential contract documents or proactively remind you of upcoming deadlines so you can act in time.

Höchste Sicherheitsstandard um ihre Daten zu schützen

Maximum security and 100% of your contracts firmly under control

The process-oriented and legally compliant archiving of contracts and related documents provides more security. The loss of contracts is almost impossible.

Contracts and related documents are archived centrally and in a legally secure manner and automatically added to the corresponding case files. It does not matter whether it is a matter of scanned contracts, Office documents or e-mails. With the creation of a contract, not only the person responsible for the contract is determined, but also tasks and reminders are defined. Supported by intuitive user interfaces, you achieve digital excellence in contract management.

Digital contract management at a glance

Get an overview of contracts and deadlines

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