Digitale Archivierung aller geschäftsrelevanter Unternehmen

Digital archiving

Paper documents, technical drawings, pictures, Office documents, documents in SharePoint, receipts from your accounting department or e-mails – whatever document!

Everything finds its place in the central document management system including the electronic archive: digital, long-term and audit-proof. Thus, of course, legally compliant and independent of the original creator system.

Archived in this way, the stored documents can be retrieved spontaneously at any time. Only by authorised users, of course. And then, of course, edited, checked and distributed. With mobile devices even when you are on the road.

Why archive documents digitally?

Symbolbild Hardware für Dokumentenmanagement

Legal requirements

By storing your documents in a legally compliant manner, you are focusing on security. According to the associated protection against changes, you create the basis for compliance-compliant work. Of course, retention periods and due dates are taken into account in accordance with the GoBD.

Dokumentenmanagement on Prem

Central availability

All documents are archived centrally and are classified in digital files. Even across site boundaries. This means that all information is available at any time and always up-to-date. On top of that, you can still browse through each document decades later. Because the documents are also saved as TIFF or PDF/A.

Automatisierte Workflows für mehr Wertschätzung im Unternehmen

Design processes

Digitally archived documents are the basis for transparent business processes. Only with the constant and central availability of information can efficient electronic workflows be designed. This significantly reduces processing times and processing costs.

Document archiving is an integral part of a document management system. With intuitive, customisable interfaces, you can set up the electronic archive quickly, easily and transparently.

With digital document archiving, you create the basis for meeting all applicable compliance requirements. Thanks to an individual rights concept for archive access, you increase data protection. And after digital archiving, you have the option, depending on the retention period, of destroying original documents in accordance with the law. This reduces “data waste”.

Fulfil compliance requirements; create legal certainty.

Would you like to know how to archive your documents in a long-term and legally secure manner? Get in touch with us!