Dokumentenmanagement in der Cloud

Document management in the cloud

With DMS in the cloud, you can intelligently accelerate, simplify and optimise the management of documents without installing software in your data centre.

Quasi at the push of a button.

This gives you convenient digital filing and audit-proof storage for your data and flexible access when working in your home office.

With the help of the basic document management functions, you can finally say goodbye to annoying paperwork. You can digitise paper-based information in no time at all and archive it in an audit-proof manner. No matter whether it’s one document or entire folders. You can scan or upload large quantities (stacks) of documents in just a few steps.

Dokumenten im ganzen Unternehmen verfügbar machen

Central access to information

Lösungen von den Marktführer des Dokumentenmanagement

Installed and expandable at the touch of a button

Automatisierte Workflows für mehr Wertschätzung im Unternehmen

Design digital processes

Your advantages at a glance

Available in Basic, Business and Ultimate versions.

Document management at the touch of a button

We would be happy to show you how to quickly create a basis for your digitisation!